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Our uncontested services are for those who wish to resolve their family law matter without litigation. In addition to family mediation, we offer the following services: 

  • Uncontested and/or Simplified Dissolution: If you and your partner are ready to resolve your dissolution and agree on the terms, we are here to assist with all of the legal steps. This service includes drafting all necessary legal documents, submitting the documents to court, and appearing at a brief final hearing, if necessary. 

  • Uncontested Custody: This service is similar to the uncontested dissolution service above but applies to Paternity, Timesharing, and Child Support matters. 

  • Pre/Post-Nuptial Agreements: Whether you need to prepare for a marriage with a  pre-nuptial agreement or need an agreement post marriage, we can assist. This service includes meeting with both parties to discuss the terms and preparation of the appropriate agreement. 

  • Legal Drafting: This service is provided to those who only wish to have documents drafted on their behalf. The service is for drafting only, it does not include representation.  We can assist with drafting pleadings, motions, responses, and more. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation. 

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