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Family Mediation 

Mediation is required in all family law matters prior to appearing before a judge in Florida. Mediation is an informal process which allows the parties to work together to resolve the issues in their case. The process includes the mediator, the parties, and their attorneys if applicable. Settlement discussions are confidential. Resolving your case through mediation can save time and expense from litigation.


As a certified Family Law Mediator, Attorney Hardister acts as a neutral third party to assist parties in resolving their matter. Ms. Hardister spent years practicing family law prior to focusing soley on mediation. With this experience, she understands the issues involved in these cases and the benefits of mediation.


Our flat rate of $250.00 covers two hours of mediation time. The hourly rate thereafter is $150/hr. Special rates for indigent parties are available. Due to the pandemic, all mediations are held via ZOOM. Please click below to view available dates and book online!. 

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