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Family Building

Building your family can be an emotional yet exciting and happy event in your life. One thing you shouldn't have to worry about is handling the legal process. We are here to take that  weight off of your shoulders. 

Step Parent Adoption

  •  A step parent adoption takes place when a spouse wishes to adopt their step child. There are specific steps that must be followed to successfully adopt the minor child(ren). We will walk you through all of the steps, and provide legal representation throughout the process. 



  • Whether you are choosing to adopt or choosing to place a child for adoption, understanding your legal rights is of the utmost importance. We offer representation for parents seeking to adopt and parents seeking to place their child for adoption. 



  •  Gestational surrogacy requires a genetic relationship with at least one of the intended parents and no genetic relationship with the surrogate.

  • Traditional surrogacy is a situation wherein (1) the surrogate utilizes her own egg to create a pregnancy or (2) neither of the intended parents are genetically related to the child. If the surrogate has a genetic relationship with the child, she may rescind her consent to the adoption up to 48 hours after birth.

  • Surrogates may receive payment under Florida law. 

  • Florida law requires a surrogacy contract to be in place before the process begins.  We offer representation for: Surrogate parents, Surrogates, Sperm Donors, Egg Donors. 


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  • Every situation is different. Contact our office to schedule a consult to discuss your situation in further detail.  

WE ARE LGBTQ Friendly! 

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